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The Alliance 380 VF – the World’s First VF Flotation Tire

01 Jun

June 1, 2017

Alliance Tire Group (ATG) asserted its leadership in the flotation tire market with the release of the world’s first VF flotation tire. Alliance’s new 380 VF (very high flexion) can carry up to 40 percent more load at the same level of inflation as its conventional radial counterparts’, or carry the same load with 30 percent less pressure.

At the lower inflation pressure, the footprint of the 380 VF is 25 percent larger than its counterparts’, notes Trent Wallin, Agriculture Product Manager for Alliance Tire Americas. Lowered inflation pressure and larger footprint are both key factors in reducing soil compaction, a growing concern to farmers globally as equipment manufacturers develop larger, heavier machines. (Valium)


Soil compaction has been identified by scientists as “a global threat to sustainable land use.” According to studies, compacted soil can limit crop yields by as much as 70%, reduce a field’s capacity to store valuable moisture, cause greater soil erosion and lower the fuel efficiency of fieldwork.

“Alliance was one of the first manufacturers to produce flotation tires, and the first to introduce an all-steel radial flotation option,” Said Wallin. “We were also the first to make flotation tires capable of highway speeds. At Alliance, our goal is to develop high-tech tires that solve real problems in the field, and do it at a price that’s within our customers’ reach. The Alliance 380 VF is a great example of how we’re doing this.”


IF and VF tires require sophisticated design, material and manufacturing improvements to create sidewalls that are flexible enough to operate at lower inflation pressures without overheating. Extra-strong bead packages and other modifications also make IF and VF tires the domain of only the most sophisticated manufacturers, Wallin adds.

The new Alliance 380 VF Flotation Radial has been released in the popular 650/55R26.5 and 560/55R22.5 sizes. Contact an Alliance Tire dealer for details. Alliance is also offering a free white paper on soil compaction and farm tires. Click here to download a copy.