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10 Advantages of Radial Wheel Loader Tires

01 Dec

December 1, 2023

The Benefits of Radial Loader Tires Like the Galaxy Hippo Radial

Wheel loaders are a common sight everywhere from construction sites to waste/recycling centers to dairy farms. Matching the right tire to an application can save you money (and headaches)—and ultimately pay off in profits. For many wheel loader applications, the right tire is a radial.

10 Advantages of Radial vs. Bias Wheel Loader Tires

  1. They provide better traction. Radial construction allows the tire’s sidewall and tread area to work independently. This enables a radial to produce a large footprint and put more tread on the ground.
  2. They reduce heat build-up. Radials produce lower rolling resistance than their bias tire counterparts. This is especially beneficial in high-speed applications and for equipment traveling extended distances.
  3. They are more fuel efficient. More traction and less rolling resistance combine to deliver lower fuel consumption.
  4. They improve puncture and cut resistance.The construction of all-steel radials like the new Galaxy Hippo—with steel cables arching from one bead to the other and steel belts under the tread area—creates rugged tires that better withstand penetration, particularly in the tread area.
  5. They are more repairable.The two-part construction of radials also makes them more repairable than bias-ply tires. Often when a radial is damaged, it only affects a small part of the tire. Conversely, a cut in a bias tire can upset its entire structure.
  6. They reduce downtime. A radial’s ability to minimize and dissipate heat (the number one enemy of tires) and resist punctures helps ensure equipment spends its time at work and not in the shop.
  7. They provide more operator comfort.Radials act like shock absorbers—they bounce less under load, are more forgiving when running over obstacles, and smooth out chatter when running on rough surfaces.
  8. They are easier on equipment. The smooth ride of radials also benefits equipment by lessening the pounding it takes and reducing wear and tear.
  9. They increase productivity.Radial tires’ ability to keep operators comfortable, equipment in good working order, and deliver high performance on and off the road allows them to get more done in less time than their bias tire counterparts.
  10. They can deliver a lower total cost of ownership. Better traction, improved fuel efficiency, longer service life, less downtime, and happier operators and equipment—radials simply cost less in the long run.


The Galaxy Hippo Radial

Our recently released Galaxy Hippo radial builds on the benefits radial tires bring to loaders.

For example, the Hippo radial features a farm-inspired tread pattern featuring directional herringbone-shaped lugs and aggressive, buttressed shoulders which, in combination with its large radial footprint, provide maximum traction to wheel loaders operating in loose terrain, whether on a farm or construction site. It’s a high-traction alternative to the rock tread more common on most loader tires.

The Hippo radial isn’t just a soft-surface star, it’s also roadable. Thanks to lugs that form a steeply angled overlap, the Hippo radial provides more continuity than a traditional farm tread on the road. This enhances performance, reduces wear, and improves operator comfort on hard surfaces, such as those encountered when traveling between construction sites or feed lots.

Radial tires are built to last, and the Hippo radial is no exception. Its steel belts deliver exceptional puncture resistance which is bolstered by its special cut- and chip-resistant compound. It will also wear more evenly, due to its uniform footprint. Because of the all-steel casing and superior build of the Hippo radial, it’s also very retreadable.

In the end, the Hippo radial boosts the advantages already offered by radial tires to deliver a high-performance tire to loaders that work in soft and slippery applications but also spend some time on the road.

Like radials in general, the Galaxy Hippo radial can help boost productivity, lower costs, and improve productivity.

Features and Benefits of the Galaxy Hippo Radial 

  • Improved traction/less spinning provided by a large radial footprint and lug-style tread pattern
  • Comfortable ride furnished by radial construction
  • Puncture resistance delivered by steel belts
  • Long service life ensured by all-steel casing, even-wearing radial construction, and cut- and chip-resistant compound
  • Retreadiblity optimized by its superior build

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