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5 Benefits of Stratified Layer Technology

05 Jun

June 5, 2024

One of the defining features of the Alliance Agri Star II is its unique two-layer lug. Known as Stratified Layer Technology (SLT), this innovative design creates more contact area in soil for better traction in the field, puts more rubber on the road for increased comfort and longevity on hard surfaces, and ultimately delivers a tire that excels wherever it operates.

What is Stratified Layer Technology?

Stratified Layer Technology is an innovative two-layer lug designed to put more rubber where you need it and deliver high performance and long service life both in the field and on the road. SLT features a top single-angle 45-degree lug for traction and a wide, multi-angle bottom lug for stability and long wear.

It’s not just the shape of the lug that sets the Agri Star II’s tread pattern apart from the competition. The tread pattern features unique Road and Traction zones specifically engineered to boost performance on soft and hard surfaces.

  • Road Zone: an overlapped centerline places more rubber in the tread center—where the tire contacts the road—to handle high speeds and heavy loads, provide better braking and steering, and deliver a comfortable ride.
  • Traction Zone: a larger tread than comparable R-1W radials to create a larger footprint for less soil compaction and more traction on soft surfaces, plus, each lug features a multitude of biting edges.

Both Stratified Layer Technology lug layers are made using the same stubble-resistant compound ensuring durability against puncture, damage, and wear.

5 Benefits of Stratified Layer Technology

  1. Increased Traction
    Stratified Layer Technology’s dual-layer lug design provides extra biting edges compared to standard tires, allowing them to deliver superior traction and excellent grip when pulling. The two-layer lug has the added benefit of inhibiting mud from sticking to and balling up in the tread—it forms a ledge that helps break the suction between mud and the tire. Cleanout is paramount for farm tires and essential to their ability to deliver the greatest traction.
    As our Ag Product Manager is fond of saying, “A clean tire is a happy tire and a happy tire is a high-performing tire.”
  2. Better Roadability
    The Agri Star II tread pattern isn’t just about field performance—it’s a game-changer for machinery that often runs on the road. We put extra rubber where it matters most—in the center of the tire—ensuring top-notch roadability.
    On the road, the Agri Star II’s tread design is all about comfort and durability. The overlapping lugs and high rubber-to-void ratio at the centerline make for a smooth ride, even when hauling heavy loads and traveling at high speeds.
  3. More Rubber
    No shortcuts were taken when designing the Agri Star II and its innovative Stratified Layer Technology. The tread isn’t just advanced, it’s exceptionally deep and ranks among the deepest R-1W tires available.
    The Agri Star II also ensures maximum rubber from sidewall to sidewall. With a 13% larger contact patch compared to standard radial tires, it spreads the unique SLT tread over a wider area, boosting traction and minimizing compaction. It doesn’t cheat by narrowing the tread—a tactic used by some manufacturers—rather, it’s engineered to be 95% as wide as its section width.
  4. Longer-Lasting Performance
    The Agri Star II boasts two distinct life cycles thanks to Stratified Layer Technology, ensuring long-lasting performance from start to finish. SLT maintains its original traction for up to 60% of its wear. Once the top layer wears down, the bottom layer kicks in with multiple angles, maintaining traction and road performance right to the end of the tire’s life.
  5. More Service Life
    SLT is designed to maximize tire longevity. The bottom-layer lug is engineered to evenly distribute force on the lugs and minimize their wiggling. This reduces movement, prevents heat buildup, minimizes wear, and safeguards the tire casing, resulting in a tire that lasts longer. Compared to a tapered design that reduces the distance between lugs, SLT allows the Agri Star II to maintain the same distance between lugs as they wear, maximizing traction throughout the tire’s life.

Additionally, both lug layers of SLT are constructed with the same durable stubble-guard compound, offering protection against wear, cuts, and punctures. This ensures consistent performance and minimizes downtime for your operations.

Longer-lasting performance and greater service life add up to a better return on investment. The Agri Star II delivers the lowest cost per 32nd tread in its category.

Winning Warranty

Farmers put a lot of trust in their tires and expect tire manufacturers to share their confidence. We’re so sure of our Alliance Agri Star II that we back it with a 7-year workmanship warranty and a 3-year field hazard warranty. Whether hauling a heavy load at high speeds on the road or running through a residue-filled field, farmers know that Alliance has their back.
We even have a full-year, 100% satisfaction guarantee on the Alliance Agri Star II. If you don’t like your Agri Star II radials for any reason at all in the year after you purchase them, bring them back for a full refund.

The Alliance Agri Star II

The Agri Star II is designed to not just meet expectations, it’s built to exceed them.

Stratified Layer Technology pushes the Agri Star II to the next level—increasing productivity, improving efficiency, protecting valuable soil, and delivering the performance, longevity, and innovation farmers deserve when they invest in a tire.

The Alliance Agri Star II is available in more than 80 sizes covering aspect ratios from 65 to 95. In other words, if you have a tractor, there’s a good chance we have an Agri Star II—and its Stratified Layer Technology tread—for it.