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Agri Star ll 65 series now in the market : performing excellent in wet weather

24 Jun

June 24, 2024

A testimonial from France

“I’m Fabrice Richard from Saint Révérend in Vendée, located 20 km from Les Sables d’Olonne. I farm alongside my father and uncle as part of a Joint Farming Group. We operate a mixed crop and breeding farm with 200 registered Charolais cows. Our farm spans 400 hectares, including 350 hectares of grass and 50 hectares of corn.”

“Today, we’re working on a 7-hectare mowing site. Due to challenging weather conditions in May, we rely on our Fendt 724 tractor and John Deere 9M50 mowers. This 12-tonne setup requires robust tires  – and this is why we chose the Alliance Agri Star ll. The new 65 series tires provide excellent balance and grip, which is crucial for our operations.”

“For us, the most important aspect of a tire is its width to minimize ground impact and marks on the meadows. These tires offer great longevity – essential for our extensive road use with heavy loads – thanks to their high-speed index and 50 km/h gearbox compatibility.”

“We’ve tested these tires in very wet conditions over the last month, including 5-meter stubble cultivation, and were impressed with their performance and limited slippage. The double studs provide excellent grip, and the tires maintain their width, unlike some competitors. The 710 tires have a consistent width of 71 cm. Additionally, these tires can be inflated to a low pressure, which is ideal for wet conditions, minimizing ground trace and improving comfort. Currently, we are running them at 1.4 bar (20.5 PSI), which works well for our needs.”

“Overall, we are very satisfied with the Alliance Agri Star II tires. They deliver high performance at a significantly lower cost than some competitors.”

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