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When VF tires feel good in Spain

20 Jul

July 20, 2023

You tend to stick to products and procedures that have proven their worth, right? This is also true for Carles Cruset Pujol – and this is also the reason why he has come to exclusively rely on Alliance tires now. An Agriflex+ 372 is the latest purchase!  

The landscapes in the province of Girona are quite diverse. The region is located in the north of Spain and its climate is very suitable for arable farming. The fertile soils are used for the cultivation of various crops such as cereals, sunflowers, fruit and vegetables. Fontserra S.L., the farm and contracting business of Carles Cruset Pujol, is based here, in the town of Torroella de Montgrí in the Baix Empordà.

With seven employees, 46-year-old Carles mainly grows corn, wheat, barley, sunflower, oats and alfalfa on about 300 own and rented hectares of his farm. In addition, he offers various services for a series of clients who have a total of another 300 to 400 hectares. “We provide the whole service from planting cereals and fodder to harvesting and transport. We offer precision planting of trees via GPS, and we also take care of the levelling of the land. This is a very important task in our region as everything is irrigated via the soil”, highlights the farmer a peculiarity of the region.

Recommended – and approved!
In 2021, there was a need to replace tires on one of the farm’s tractors, a Massey Ferguson 7499. Following the advice of his local tire dealer Pneumatics Galcerán in Girona, and in view of his soils that can be very dry and hard in summer months, thus requiring reliable grip and powerful traction, Carles Cruset Pujol decided to try an Alliance tire for the very first time. So, the Agriflex+ 372 in size 710/70R38 was mounted on the tractor. As a matter of fact, the recommendation of the tire dealer quickly proved to be justified. The equally short and clear judgement of Carles and his team: “The truth is that this tire gave us a very good feeling, both on the road and in the field.”

First one, then two, then all
Carles reports: “And so, we one by one replaced all the tires on the other machines that were deteriorating due to their age. For example, we went for Alliance row crop tractor tires for phytosanitary treatments next, and in September 2022, we also went for the Alliance Agriflex+ 372 for our Fendt 930 Vario in sizes 600/70R34 for the front and 710/75R42 for the rear axle. For the time being, these were the latest tires that we’ve mounted, and we feel that they are very strong and provide a lot of grip in the field.”

After about 2000 working hours so far, the farmer-contractor particularly likes the traction both in the field and on the road. “We use this tractor about 70 per cent for transport tasks on the road and the other 30 per cent for field work. So we appreciate the comfort, the high load index and the handling of the Agriflex+ 372, and despite the good performance, we do not see more than normal wear. That’s why we have already spread the word and recommended Alliance tires to other farmers and contractors”, says Carles.