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Saving Money with “The Right Shoes” (Alliance 551 Multiuse Professional)

11 Nov

November 11, 2021

In case of frequent road transports, tractor tires with so-called block treads can be an excellent choice. They are built to provide reliable traction and high driving comfort at speeds of up to 65 kmph, and fuel consumption during road transports can be markedly lower than with ‘normal’ tractor tires. The Alliance 551 Multiuse Professional even goes a decisive step further: as true winter specialist, this tire also ensures perfect mobility, grip and hence safety on snowy and icy surfaces.

Tires with block treads, also known as industrial treads, are true all-rounders and can often be found on loaders and other construction machinery. And: they are increasingly used on tractors. When compared to conventional tractor tires, block treads are distinguished by their lower rolling resistance. This is due to more and flatter centre lugs in conjunction with a higher tire inflation pressure. The increased footprint of these tires causes less noise and can lead to smoother and more pleasant driving characteristics on the road.

Credit: NDI Finland

Thanks to the rough and deep tread pattern, however, these tires are also suitable for in-field operations. Applications in which the A 551 cuts a fine figure include the transport and spreading of organic fertilisers or the harvesting and removal of silage maize and grass, for example. As farm sizes and hence distances between farmstead and fields continue to grow, such transportation tasks become more and more important for tractors – and the A 551 can make full use of its strengths.

Lower fuel consumption
Tire inflation pressure can be higher than 3 bar during road transports, considerably reducing rolling resistance and thus diesel consumption. In a study conducted by Kiel University of Applied Sciences in 2013, two industrial tires were compared with a conventional tractor tire. With 31 percent road transport and 69 percent field work, the study revealed a lower diesel consumption for the industrial treads. Between 14 and 18 percent less diesel – depending on the width of the block tread – showed the potential to save money with tires like the A 551. Based on the assumptions of the study, i.e. 800 operating hours per year, an average consumption of 22 l diesel/h and a fuel price of 1.10 €/l, annual diesel costs could be reduced by more than € 3,000. With a growing proportion of on-road operations, diesel savings resulting from the block tread could even be bigger.

Credits: NDI Finland

Less wear
In addition to fuel consumption, scientists in Kiel also looked at tire wear, taking rubber abrasion as criterion. Whilst the abrasion of the tread of conventional agricultural tires amounted to 30–40 percent per 1,000 operating hours with the field/road ratio mentioned above, the block tread only showed an abrasion of 10–13 percent per 1,000 operating hours. In comparison to an estimated lifespan of about 2,800 hours with the conventional agricultural tire, the block tread lasted three times longer, allowing for a calculated service life of almost 9,000 hours.

Clear evidence from Finland
Petri Kaipiainen is owner and operator of a contracting business in the town of Kattula in the Finnish region of Kuopio. One of his specialties are winter services, in part as sub-contractor of the Housing & Building Management & Development Company YIT Oyj. More than 20 km of roads plus various property lots are his “professional backyard” during harsh Finnish winter months. Kaipiainen has been using the Alliance 551 Multiuse for about 2.5 years and is enthusiastic about the tires’ performance: “Their exceptional grip on snow has been a pleasant surprise” he says and confirms that even with plenty of snow, he does not encounter any problems with the A 551. As versatile as it is, Petri Kaipiainen happily uses this tire year in, year out, also providing general contracting services and making silage on farms for various customers during summer months.

Petri Kaipiainen

Block tread tires in general – and the Alliance 551 Multiuse Professional in particular – can clearly contribute to the ecological and economic optimisation of road and field work thanks to reduced fuel cost and lower wear. And, as true winter specialist, the A 551 additionally provides powerful grip, reliable traction and hence safety in all kinds of winter operations.