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New sizes for Alliance Row Crop tires range

01 Aug

August 1, 2017

Alliance introduces new sizes to its row crop tires range, increasing further its offer for heavy duty and high speed self-propelled sprayers and tractors. Comparing to conventional tires, Alliance AGRIFLEX 354 and Alliance AGRIFLEX 363 guarantee a tangible reduction in soil compaction, improving at the same time the driving comfort and the stability on roads. Both tires are designed with IF and VF technology, that concretely improves machines performances with a consequent measurable financial benefit: more productivity and less cost per hour.

Alliance AGRIFLEX+ 354 VF
The Alliance 354 AGRIFLEX is the ideal tire for large capacity sprayers, now available also in size 480/95R50 with the latest VF technology.

This tire has been designed to ensure maximum soil protection and efficiency: it can carry up to 40% more load when compared to standard row crop or sprayer tires. Alternatively, the 354 AGRIFLEX+ can carry the standard load with a 40% lower air pressure. Large sprayers daily run from fields to filling locations, back and forwards: the 354 AGRIFLEX+ eliminates the need to adjust tire pressures for full and empty tanks, respectively, and the tires can run at significantly lower pressures as standard. The ‘D’ speed rating allows also a speed of up to 65 kph.

Stronger lugs than regular Row Crop tyres, outstanding traction, excellent self-cleaning characteristics and enhanced lug shape ensure exceptional durability, comfort and a significant reduction of noise while driving on the road. AGRIFLEX+ 354 gives larger tyre footprint area for higher traction, reduces fuel costs and increases overall operation productivity.

Alliance AGRIFLEX 363 IF / VF
Alliance A363 have always been at the forefront in row crop tire technology, now available in 4 new sizes (VF 270/95R48, VF 230/95R48, VF 270/95R54, VF 380/90R46).

Alliance 363 AGRIFLEX (IF) IMPROVED FLEXION and VERY HIGH FLEXION (VF) are modern tires suitable for modern methods in field spraying. The VF tire enables working with higher tire deflection, providing up to 40% higher load carrying capacity for the same inflation pressure as regular tires.

Its high rubber to void ratio provides large effective footprint and high tread wear life. The directional configuration of lugs enables high traction and low rolling resistance; while numbers of small blocks provide efficient grip under the loose soil conditions. With roads speed of up to 65kph, the A363 satisfies the demands of today’s modern farming: safe and stable on the road but with an excellent self-cleaning properties.