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Lavandin harvesting: a treat for the senses

01 Sep

September 1, 2023

Fields filled with hybrid lavender – or lavandin – are a true treat for the senses between June and September. During those months, farmers like Benoît Ferotin in the French municipality of Châteauneuf-du-Rhone harvest the purple flowers which are highly sought after in the perfume and soap industry. The evergreen subshrubs are cultivated as row crops and grow up to a height of 60 to 150 centimetres.

In the growing season, Benoît pays particular attention to fertilisation and mechanical weeding with a hoe. For both operations, as well as for the harvest with a special trailed machine that cuts the stems and flowers of the plants, he relies on the Alliance Agriflex 354 row crop tire on his New Holland tractor. “I particularly need a high load carrying capacity – that is important for fertiliser spreading – and high road speeds of 50 km/h.” As the farmer also runs an agricultural contracting business, quick transfers – and getting the jobs in the fields done in time – both are important.

For Benoît it is equally important, however, to ensure effective soil protection during all operations. “We’ve been using these Alliance tires for two years now, and they allow us to reduce soil compaction and provide good grip during the spring applications of fertiliser. At the same time, they offer good driving comfort on the road,” says the farmer who is very happy about the good value for money.

Following the harvest, most farmers directly take the produce from the field to a distillery. There, steam and pressure are used to extract the valuable oil from the plants. After the fragrant and appealing sight in the field, lavender thus also delights in the subsequent use in a wide variety of products.

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