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Alliance Agriflex – Modern Tires for Modern Farming

23 Mar

March 23, 2022

Treading forward in Agriculture

The world of agriculture has started taking the center stage when it comes to being a major contributor in the economic development of a country. The constant rise in global population has resulted in higher demands in food supplies and in turn higher yields from the limited available farmland. To keep up with the ever increasing need and rise in technology, the equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are bringing more and more machines which are technologically advanced, higher in speed, horsepower and heavier in nature. Moving in line with this growth and technological advancement in the agricultural sector, the tire technology is going through constant evolution to fulfill the needs and keep up with the demands of modern farm equipment. As your machines grow bigger and heavier, the need for the right set of tires become imperative.

Do you know why?

Because a wrong decision while choosing the right tires for your equipment can have major implications on your bottom line. The reduced fuel economy and increased soil compaction leads to a massive decline in the long term productivity and in turn business profitability.

YOHT at the Innovation forefront

In order to overcome this problem, one of the flagship brands of Yokohama Off-Highway Tires (Y-ATG) and a leading name in farm tire innovation – Alliance, offer solutions that are engineered to keep the farmers ahead in every step of the agricultural cycle. Putting its focus on the whole farm concept, Alliance offers the range of Agriflex tires which are its specialized range of IF & VF tires for every job and every machine on the farm, thereby providing protection to the most valuable asset of the farmer – Soil.

Alliance Agriflex | Flexing its way through modern agriculture

Combatting the soil compaction

With rubber being a technological marvel in itself, the most fundamental characteristic – elasticity is what paved the way for a solution that deals with this problem of modern agriculture. The Agriflex range of tires with increased flexion (IF) enables the agricultural equipment to carry (up to) 20% more load at standard inflation pressure – or carry the same load at 20% less inflation pressure. The very high flexion (VF) tires; the Agriflex+ range increases the tire capabilities by enabling the equipment to carry (up to) 40% more load at standard inflation pressure – or carry the same load at 40% less inflation pressure.

Technology at its core

With Agriflex technology tires, Alliance brings in years of experience and expertise in farm tire manufacturing resulting in several gains. Agriflex range of IF & VF tires are designed radial construction and with a network of steel and rubber belts that help them carry high loads and produce a uniform and larger footprint.

The structural and compound innovation buditogel in traction improvement, superior performance, sidewall flexing and lower slippage. This ensures better fuel efficiency and lower wear along with reduced downward forces that cause soil compaction. The robust sidewall construction protects against cuts, chips and other damages while the reinforced inner liners help in maintaining air pressure and ensuring longer tire life.

Tested for Excellence

The Agriflex range from Alliance enabled the brand to work on its expertise and bring a solution that could tackle the problems faced while using a standard tire. The possibility of tire failure while carrying loads at very low inflation pressure (less than 1 bar), cracks formation on sidewalls and performance failures were identified. During test scenarios, simulated working conditions and failure modes were recreated. FEA (Finite Element Analysis) gave way to performance statistics of how the tire would perform in a real world situation and based on the results, constant modifications were performed to bring out a product whose performance improved significantly.

But why reduce compaction with IF/VF tires on your tractor, just to cause it with standard tires on your trailers or implements?
Yokohama OHT is the only company offering a complete line of IF/VF tires for every machine on the farm. From tractors to combines (Agriflex & Agriflex+ 372 ), from sprayers (Agriflex & Agriflex+ 354 , Agriflex & Agriflex+ 363 ) to spreaders ( Agriflex+ 377 ), and from seeders ( Agriflex+ 381 , Agriflex+ 881 – all steel construction) to towed implements ( Agriflex+ 389), you can take advantage of Agriflex technology to consistently increase the productivity and efficiency of your operation by reducing soil compaction, fuel consumption and total cost of ownership.

Alliance has always kept its focus on understanding the needs of the farmers to engineer innovative and application specific products that drives their business. By providing excellent riding comfort, high load carrying capacity, fuel efficiency and soil protection, the brand delivers higher productivity and profitability with the lowest cost of ownership.
With considerable improvements in its Inner liner, bead design, hkg99 tread compound and deflection properties, Agriflex range became a holistic solution that fulfills the needs of customers around the globe and guarantees exceptional value.