R&D - Quality Policy

The logging business today runs on one simple rule: If you keep the machines moving, you can make money. The more downtime you have, the less money you make. Moreover, the challenging demands on forestry machines and in turn forestry tires are very high. Mud, snow, stumps, rocks, and a thousand other hazards make it easy for tires to get lost in the woods. High loads, uneven ground, endless puncture, and bead hazards demand some of the toughest tires in the world.

At Yokohama ATG Tires we understand what it takes to fulfill these challenging demands of forestry applications. From offering one of the industry’s largest range of tires that are purpose-built and deliver maximum performance to making tires that are engineered to perform in the most extreme conditions - we have it all for the forestry segment.

Few of the advantages of having our forestry tires by your side:

  • Tires equipped to handle extreme stress, good puncture resistance, and carrying heavy loads effortlessly.
  • Wide range of tires available for Harvesters, Forwarders, Feller bunchers, Log skidders, forestry tractors, and trailers.
  • Low inflation pressure technology tires available.

Find the right off-road tire fix for your challenging forestry needs from Yokohama ATG Tires.