Rigorous quality management systems enable Y-ATG to be amongst the leading tire companies in the highly demanding fields of agriculture, industry and forestry.

Y-ATG’s core strength is its consistency in its product quality. Y-ATG has committed to invest in upgrading its R&D centers and its manpower with the latest technologies. The research has led to the establishment of a rigorous quality management system that allows Y-ATG to be amongst the leading tire companies in the highly demanding fields of agriculture, industry and forestry.

Quality assurance is built into all of Y-ATG’s production processes and products, with a commitment to continuous improvement, in order to ensure product reliability and top quality results.

The brand’s extensive quality assurance standards enable it to:

  • Attain advanced quality level of the products.
  • Acquire the confidence of customers.

The quality assurance system implemented by qualified personnel applies throughout the design, manufacturing and service chain, including:

  • Product development and raw material definition.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Final product inspection.
  • Quality control and after-market services.

Tire Testing and Evaluation

Yokohama ATG Tires has an extensive tire testing & evaluation system:

Abaqus Finite Element Software

We employ advanced Abaqus Finite Element Software to design and test tires virtually. The Abaqus system enables engineers to test the tire’s movement, stress and other factors that affect it while in motion. This method of modeling of tires goes a long way in engineering innovative tires.

International Testing Institutions

All our tests are based on the strict international standards. Our tires are also tested by top independent testing laboratories, including Germany’s world-renowned “TUV”.

Customers’ Evaluation

Our tire testing and evaluation experts get constant feedback from the market, from OEM engineers to equipment operators resulting in continuous improvement.

Hot Checking

All tires are carefully tested for more than 500 possible defects and classified accordingly.

Analysis of New Tires Structure

Tire Modeling from Structural Analysis to Real-Time Applications

Tire Stiffness Testing – Radial Stiffness & Lateral Stiffness

Special fully computer-controlled test bench.

Tire Footprint Analysis

Important tire characteristics obtained from the same test device.

Outdoor Testing – Traction Slip

Tire traction/slip characteristics under the real field conditions.

Outdoor Testing – Traction Characteristics – Single Wheel Tester

We conduct indoor and outdoors tests, as well as special tests, for agricultural tires. After rigorous testing on specialized equipment, the tires are tested in farm fields for final evaluation.

Special Tests: Conducted On A Case-to-Case Basis

  • Machine’s tilt test
  • Braking test
  • Machine stability test
  • Mobility testing
  • Real endurance testing

Indoor Testing

The company’s in-house quality assurance and testing program is backed up by a set of test wheel machines for static and dynamic test tires.

  • Permanent high-speed and endurance tire testing
  • Indoor testing in TUV

Environmental and Occupational Safety and Health Policy

Environmental Compliance and Protection

We strongly believe in minimizing the impact of our operations on the environment. At all our locations we strictly meet and often exceed local regulations regarding environmental protection. At each of our manufacturing locations, we strive to minimize the environmental impact of its operations via

  • Deploying state of the art pollution and emission control and reduction equipment such as Green belt, effective carbon handling and rain water harvesting to name a few.
  • Using only REACH compliant raw material and low aromatic oils in its manufacturing processes.
  • IFC (Washington D.C.) environment & social responsibility survey.
  • Striving to minimize energy consumption in the manufacturing process.
  • We are proud of the fact that our facility is one of the most energy efficient tire plants in the world.

To see the best practices adapted in our state of art, ISO 14001 certified manufacturing in Tirunelveli