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Yokohama ATG Tires recognizes the fact that material handling equipment plays a vital role in material movement and handling operations. Tires for such equipment play an equally important role in their operations. Many of these equipments are in continual motion for two or three shifts a day, making it very demanding for tires. At Yokohama ATG Tires, we have engineered a complete line of hardworking material handling tires for container handlers, reach stackers, forklifts, straddle carriers, gantry cranes, and other equipment. Our tires are equipped to handle long working hours and extreme stress conditions making them a right fit for material handling applications.

Few of the advantages of having our material handling tires by your side:

  • Tires designed for easy handling and excellent load distribution.
  • Port tires that provide high load-carrying capacity to carry high tonnages effortlessly.
  • Pneumatic tires, solid tires, press-on-band tires: all in one place.
  • Purpose-built forklift tires for industrial material handling.

Find the right off-road tire fix for your demanding material handling needs from Yokohama ATG Tires.

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