Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Tirunelveli, Southern India, is compliant with all environment norms and is one of the cleanest and has minimal impact on the quality of air, soil and water in its locality.

Many types of equipment are employed and stringent measures taken to further our commitment to the environment

Carbon Handling The pneumatic carbon handling system installed in the facility avoids carbon spill in the carbon feeding system.

Dust / Fume Collection The dust collection system installed to the carbon handling daybins and feeding systems and fume extraction system for mixers to prevent dust in carbon feeding process.

30 Meter Generator Exhaust Stack The Diesel Generators are installed with 30 meter high exhaust stack as per the norms of Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board (TNBC). This enables the diesel exhausts to be let high above the building.

Boiler Chimney The chimney for the boiler is 31 meters high and is constructed with brick as per the TNPCB norms. This enables to exhaust the flue gas above the building top.

Boiler Dust Collector A Mechanical Dust Collection (MDC) system installed in Boiler fuel gas duct filers / removes dust from the fuel gas to avoid dust emission along with the fuel gas.

Wet Scrubber The Wet Scrubber installed in the boiler fuel gas duct controls the emission of dust in the fuel gas through the chimney.

Coal Dust Collection The Cyclone Dust Collection installed in coal mill to prevents dust generation in coal feeding / conveying system.

Effluent and Sewage Treatment To maintain Zero Discharge our facility is installed with a 377 Cubic Meter / Day Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) and a 90 Cubic Meters / Day Sewage Treatment Plant (STP). These are in line with the norms of the government.

Thermal Evaporator A mechanical thermal evaporators system is installed to prevent / avoid discharge of high TSD water into the ground.

DYKE Bunds All storage tanks are constructed with dyke bunds to avoid discharge of fluids like HSD, Naphtha and process oil into soil / ground in case of an accidental spill or discharge.

Coal Yard The coal yard is covered and has a RCC flooring to prevent contamination of soil / ground.

Hazardous Material Store The designated hazardous material store room is constructed as per TNPCB – Hazardous waste handling Act for safe storage of hazardous waste till disposal.

Rain Water Harvesting We have constructed a 300 KL capacity rain water Harvest tank to improve ground water level and conserve of natural resources

Acoustic Enclosures Acoustic Enclosures are provided for all Diesel Generator sets and compressors to control / maintain noise level within permissible limits to prevent noise pollution.

Green Belt Around 1500 tree saplings planted all around the plant premises for to develop a greener environment. Also visiting dignitaries, customers and guests of the company also plant new saplings in the factory premises as a tradition.