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NEW Galaxy MFS 101 SDS Non Marking Tires for Forklift trucks

04 Jun

June 4, 2024

Yokohama-ATG (Y-ATG) expands the range of the Galaxy MFS 101 SDS premium forklift tire with 3 new non-marking (NM) tires. Developed for pristine and highly presentable areas, this tire offers protection for sensitive working environments such as epoxy coated or polished floors. The tire does not leave visible marks.

Recent results from Italy also give evidence of the durability of the Galaxy MFS 101 SDS. In a tire experiment, the working hours and durability were last almost twice as long as the working hours of the competing tire of a top tier European manufacturer under the given circumstances.

The initial offering of the new Galaxy MFS 101 SDS NM includes sizes 18X7-8, 6.00-9 and 23X10-12 and particularly addresses operators of indoor electric forklifts in industries that require maximum cleanliness. The tire comes with a 5-year warranty.

Premium, non-marking, severe duty solid (SDS)
Thanks to the tire’s higher 60J and extended wear limits, the Galaxy MFS 101 SDS NM offers a long tire life. The 3-stage construction allows for high intensity operations whilst reducing heat build-up and ensures comfort by effective shock absorption. At the same time, vibrations are minimised to ensure operator comfort. The pattern design with its continuous centre lug and circumferential grooves ensures a smooth ride and good steerability. In addition, the wide flat profile and the flat sidewall provide high stability during all kinds of forklift operations.

Benefits Galaxy MFS 101 SDS NM:
1. Premium tire made for high intensity working shifts and long durability

  1. No marks on sensitive floors where maximum cleanliness is required
  2. Smooth ride due to low vibrations and effective shock absorption
  3. Puncture-proof SDS tire with extended wear limits
  4. High stability and steerability
  5. Anti slip steel beads ensure improved rim fitment
  6. Sizes 18X7-8, 6.00-9 and 23X10-12 available with immediate effect, more sizes currently under development


About Yokohama-ATG

Yokohama-ATG (Y-ATG) is a global leader in the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of commercial tires for a diverse range of applications which include agriculture, forestry, construction, industrial, earthmoving, mining, and port operations. With an extensive portfolio of well established brands such as Alliance, Galaxy and Primex, Y-ATG provides customers the highest quality tires, the lowest cost of ownership and the utmost convenience. The diverse range of offerings from Y- ATG comprises over 3500 SKUs, ensuring that customers can find the ideal tires to meet their unique requirements for both aftermarket replacements and OEM solutions. With a robust distribution network, Y-ATG ensures timely distribution and service support in more than 120 countries globally.

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