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NEW! Best of Both Worlds: Alliance Agriflex+ 373

29 Nov

November 29, 2023

NEW: Best of Both Worlds

Yokohama ATG Tires presents the new Alliance Agriflex+ 373. This is an innovative tire that has been specifically developed for both field use and road transport.

Introducing the Agriflex 373+ tire, a cutting-edge innovation designed to revolutionize agricultural operations. Engineered by Alliance, this tire combines advanced Stratified Layer & VF technology and expert craftsmanship to deliver top performance in the field and road.

The goal was to offer a hybrid product, which is best to both field operations as well as the road transport. With the new Alliance Agriflex 373+, we are combining the best characteristics of lug and block type design, which enables the tire to perform like a true all-rounder in all applications.

“This will be the first time any manufacturer has introduced a hybrid VF tire with R1-W tread depth for both On & Off-Road application with the Stratified Layer Technology (SLT) – which Y-ATG uses with its renowned Agri Star ll. We believe that with this solution, we have completed our VF range in the tractor segment. For machine having usage in field as well as on road, one should definitely use the Agriflex+ 373 for all round performance as well as better ROI” says Ole Baek, Vice Present – North & West at Y-ATG.

Unique product encompasses 5 innovations:
The introduction of SLT (Stratified Layer Technology) addresses the need for prolonged traction, while the centre rib/block profile ensures smooth roadability. Additionally, VF (Very High Flexion) technology enables operations at significantly lower tire pressures. This unique product encompasses all these innovations, making it one of its kind in the market. On the field, this tire ensures superior longevity and offer excellent traction capabilities until the end of the tire’s life.

While on the road, the unique tread pattern will provide excellent roadability for the on-road usage giving a great driving comfort. Besides having good features on various surfaces, a modern tractor tire needs to have the ability to carry heavy loads. With larger draft angle lugs and tie bars, Y-ATG has ensured that the stability of the machine is not compromised, which will provide a peace of mind to all farmers.

Specialized tread design
The Alliance Agriflex+ 373 boasts a robust steel belt construction that ensures durability and longevity, even in demanding farming conditions. Its specialized tread design provides excellent grip on various terrains, enabling farmers to work with confidence and efficiency. Whether it’s traversing muddy fields or navigating uneven surfaces, this tire delivers superior traction and stability.

Being the only VF tire available in the market in hybrid, this tire ensures that best soil protection and thereby increasing yield efficiency. “This tire provides 40% more load carrying capacity at standard tire pressure or 40% lower pressure at standard tire load, which lead to better efficiency,” says Ole Baek, Vice President – North & West at Y-ATG.



About Yokohama ATG Tires: 

Yokohama ATG Tires (Y-ATG) specializes in the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of Agriculture, Forestry, Construction, Industrial, Earthmoving, Mining and Port and other commercial tires. Y-ATG owns the world-renowned brands Alliance, Galaxy and Primex and is present in over 120 countries. With a diverse product portfolio that includes more than 4000 SKUs, Y-ATG is well-known for its ability to offer customers, both aftermarket and OEM, with superior quality application-specific and purpose-built tires.



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