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NEW: Alliance 373 VibroFarm: Market-Specific Tire Solution

07 Dec

December 7, 2023

NEW: Alliance 373 VibroFarm – A technologically innovative and market-specific tire solution for e.g olive, pistachio, grape harvesting. Front loader tractor specialist for all on- and off-road applications

Yokohama Off Highway-Tires (Y-ATG) presents the Alliance 373 VibroFarm.

Practical experience shows that the demands for tractor tire concepts are high, e.g. in olive cultivation, for example on the Iberian Peninsula. Vibratory and harvesting machines are usually mounted at the front. This results in considerable loads on the front axle – not least because of the uneven load distribution – which places increased demands on the tires. In addition, tractors are often also increasingly used for road travel and a wide variety of arable work on farms.

For these applications, the new Alliance 373 VibroFarm offers an adapted tire concept. A new, reinforced carcass construction with steel belt ensures high stability of tire and machine during operations, even under extreme loads.

The Stratified Layer Technology (SLT) developed by Alliance ensures high traction and low slippage, especially in extreme operating situations, such as slopes with heavy wet soils. In addition, a very high self-cleaning of the tire is achieved.

New hybrid treat profiles with centre block
Sinusoidal centre rib enables high performance due to minimized rutting and multi-angular sidewalls provide good traction on soft surfaces. More number of blocks and a high rubber-to-void tread ratio enables low rolling resistance during transport operations on hard surfaces and is ultimately increasing the tread life.

Graded lugs with mud breakers provide self-cleaning ability of the tire in addition to high traction. The diverging groove design in combination with optimized draft angle minimizing stone entrapment.

Low cost of ownership
Overall, this increases the service life of the profile. The steel belt construction ensures high resistance to cuts, chips or punctures. This also leads to a longer service life of the tire under the harsh operating conditions in e.g. olive, pistachio and grape harvesting. Due to the unique design, the tire retains its traction throughout life – according to initial practical experience. This ensures a low total cost of ownership. Alliance has also backed the tire with a 10-year warranty.

Special solutions for farmers with specific conditions
“The new Alliance 373 is a good example of how we offer technically and market-specifically innovative tire solutions. This is our first tire concept developed exclusively for the Iberian market and the special requirements of olive, pistachio, grape harvesting, front loader tractor, following extensive user surveys and field tests,” reports Ole Baek, Vice President – North & West at Y-ATG.


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