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Alliance 882 and 885: Flotation Tires for Agri Transport – 5 New Sizes

15 May

May 15, 2023

The Alliance 882 and 885 flotation tire ranges of Yokohama ATG Tires’ (Y-ATG) Alliance brand were recently extended by new SKUs: With new sizes 710/35R22.5, 600/60R30,5 and 710/50R30.5, the Alliance 882 tire range now features a total of 15 SKUs. For the Alliance 885, the two new sizes 850/50R30.5 and 710/40R22.5 now mean a total of 17 SKUs. As agri transport specialists, both Alliance 882 and Alliance 885 come with a “D” speed rating (65 km/h). These flotation tires were engineered for a broad range of agricultural vehicles such as fertiliser and spreader trucks, sprayers, wagons, trailers and balers. They are known for their high load carrying capability, efficient self-cleaning and long service life. Depending on prevailing use conditions, the two ranges offer a total solution – with a certain focus on the road in case of the Alliance 882, and a certain focus on in-field use in case of the Alliance 885.

Flotation is applied soil protection
In both tire ranges, the large footprint is one of the key features leading to excellent flotation characteristics, thus ensuring stability and high load-carrying capacity during road transports (882) as well as superior pressure distribution on the soil surface and protection of the soil against possible damage (885). The rounded shoulders of the tires further contribute to this effect whilst causing least possible damage to the crops. “These flotation tires for agricultural transports offer convincing packages: they combine effective soil protection and high load carrying capacity with high traction, efficient self-cleaning, lower fuel consumption, excellent stability, low wear and thus a long service life. Add the 10-year warranty – and you have a perfect, high value for money choice for every day challenges. These tires help getting through the new growing season reliably and with top efficiency”, emphasises Angelo Noronha, President Europe at ‎Yokohama ATG Tires.

Highly effective lug profile
The directional tread design in both cases ensures excellent traction, also on lose ground, whilst the large central lugs guarantee improved handling characteristics and minimum rolling resistance on the road. The cap of the tire features a high tread pattern percentage and a large profile width. In sum, this ensures a larger soil contact area and improved stability.

About Yokohama ATG Tires: 

Yokohama ATG Tires (Y-ATG) specializes in the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of Agriculture, Forestry, Construction, Industrial, Earthmoving, Mining and Port and other commercial tires. Y-ATG owns the world-renowned brands Alliance, Galaxy, Primex and Yokohama and is present in over 120 countries. With a diverse product portfolio that includes more than 4000 SKUs, Y-ATG is well-known for its ability to offer customers, both aftermarket and OEM, with superior quality application-specific and purpose-built tires.

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