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Alliance Tires Set a World Absolute High-Altitude Record


06.02.2020 | Amsterdam

Alliance Tire Group together with its German distributor Bohnenkamp sponsored an extreme High Altitude Truck Expedition in the Ojos del Salado mountains in South America. The expedition aimed at installing live-saving solar-powered emergency radio communication systems in high mountain shelters. Led by Matthias Jeschke, the team successfully fulfilled this mission and further set a new ultimate high altitude record mark of 6,694 metres with a Mercedec-Benz Unimog U5023 truck mounted on Alliance tires.

“We are very happy that both our trucks were able to negotiate the extremely steep and rocky passage, thanks to very best technology, well balanced centre of gravity and ingenious tire technology, and that they were able to transport the necessary materials and our equipment in such enormous altitudes. “, reports Matthias Jeschke, head of the expedition.

Alliance 392 HD: Made to endure the extreme
Alliance sponsored the expedition with its heavy-duty flotation tires Alliance 392. The Alliance A392 HD is an all-steel radial tire for demanding applications, equally suitable for drive and non-drive axles. In size 24R20.5 176F TL, this tire gave evidence of its extreme capabilities and endurance under the very adverse conditions of this expedition: temperatures between -30°C and +35°C, sharp-edged lava rock, volcanic sand as well as snow and ice, and steep slopes, made for extremely difficult terrain. Having improved the existing truck high altitude world record by approximately 10 metres to 6,685 metres with both Unimog 5023s in a first step, hence setting a new double world record, the expedition even reached 6,694 metres with one Unimog, and thus also surpassed the 4×4 car high altitude record set up in 2007.

The new record was verified: “After checking and transferring the provided GPS data, photos, videos and navigation scripts and entering this data in height maps of the Ojos del Salado, there is no doubt that with the Unimog and Alliance tires, the car high altitude record was surpassed. The new ultimate high-altitude record mark can be given as 6,694 meters”, reports Jeschke. And he adds: “The current sets of tires are the very best. It is the unbelievably most perfect tire technology for this mission, as neither stones nor ice were able to damage these tires. Perfect!”

Even though the Alliance A392 HD delivers top performance on steep mountain slopes, the main field of operation of this tire are agricultural applications on trailers, balers, spreader trucks, tankers and comparable agricultural vehicles. F speed rating and top on-road performance compliment excellent off-road characteristics such as high flotation, high load carrying capacity, low soil compaction, high stability at all speeds, and a lower rate of wear. As Matthias Jeschke and his team climbed to new record heights with this tire, agricultural customers clearly benefit from the high value for money and the 392 HD’s reliable top performance in the daily challenges of their business.


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